Marine Surveys And Inspections

A full and comprehensive understanding of the shipping industry, its problems, aims and objectives are readily available from the Stanton Marine Management all of whom are highly experienced seafarers with an up to date and in depth knowledge of shipboard operations allied with a sound appreciation of the traditional standards of good services utmost reliability and integrity.

Our Services

  • Engineering Projects
  • Vessel & Cargo Assurance
  • Vessel Condition Assessment
  • Vessel Compliance

It is important to note that independent commercial surveyors have no statutory rights of access to any ship or port or marine facility without express permission. If a surveyor is appointed by an instructing party whose position is at variance to the principal involved in the case, e.g. the ship owner, surveyors can and often are refused access to the ship, or at the least refused access to certain documentation. The surveyor’s ability to carry out their work will be completely dependent on the working relationships between the parties involved in a particular survey. This is where excellent communication skills are paramount to being a successful marine surveyor. Having said that, the commercial surveyor must comply with the law of the land in which they are working. This is where a competent and professional surveyor will make sure they are fully conversant with the legal jurisdiction and laws that may apply to the survey they are conducting and the circumstances they are working under. A good example of this is in the present-day health and safety regime where non-compliance can have an effect on a surveyor’s ability to carry out their work, to the extreme of not being able to actually complete a survey due to not having the correct equipment or protective clothing.


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